DC in full party mode out the window, people walking the streets in old Halloween costumes dressed as political operatives, men in spy overcoats girls in scary boots … oh no, actually those are real people

The Crikey desk is out of the FSN news services bureau, where talking heads are talking to Asia from the desk next to me, and the TVs are buzzing with virtually useless knowledge.

The way it looks at the moment: Indiana is running neck and neck as the counting continues, 51 to 48 in favour of McCain, but without the huge votes from Gary Indiana which should swing it for Obama.

Virginia is running well ahead for John McCain but this is purely on the basis of a bunch of southern counties — the northern areas are still to report, becaue they’ve got more votes to count.

The crucial finding everyone is pivoting on is the exit polls for Pennsylvania, where each demographic shows an Obama win — including the non-college educated white men who were the bedrock of McCain’s strategy to swing the keystone state (so called because it sounds like keister, and the place is an arsehole).

The cable news are already calling that as a loss for McCain, which if true is most likely the ball game — but there is still nothing solid to base any sort of judgment on.

In the Senate races, there’s more bad news for the GOP, with Elizabeth Dole said to have definitevely lost in North Carolina, a bad sign for the GOP. Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate leader is struggling in Kentucky (not Mississippi as I reported earlier, sorry), which is real real bad news for them, means the water’s up to the neck level.

The Dems also appear to have won the New Hampshire senate seat, also Virginia — both seen as slum dunks for them — and they’re leading in Minnesota and Georgia, so that filibuster bust is looking very very possible.

But everyone’s still running on fumes at the moment, nothing has really slammed down decisively.

McCain appeared on TV just now talking to the campaign reporters on his plane, sounding tired and defeated, beyond getting any sort of energy out, he’s done.

Wouldn’t have helped that his 96 year old aunt told reporters that McCain’s mother really didn’t care of he won or not — thanks mom — even at 72 … you’re still just a naughty boy…

And Palin bizarrely refused to tell reporters how she voted — a last gamine moment? Who knows? Crazy lady?

ABC and NBC have called Pennsylvania for McCain. But it will take another hour or two…

Tens of thousands streaming into Grant Park Chicago for the Obamathon.

Whooping outside, noise from the bars across the street.

Chinese food’s arrived. America is in decline. China is near. I can smell it….

Peter Fray

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