A random selection of sought-after Crikey merchandise will be the prize for today’s champion tipster.

As a little bit of election day fun Crikey enters the world of on-line punting with a simple contest. Readers have to nominate who will become president, at what time the news channel CNN will declare someone the winner and what colour tie the winner will wear when making his acceptance speech.

Send your answers to the questions below to: boss@crikey.com.au, with “US Comp” in the subject field.

  1. Who will win the presidential election, Barack Obama or John McCain?
  2. At what time today (Melbourne time) in hours and minutes will CNN first declare a winner ?
  3. What will be the dominant colour in the tie worn by the winner when giving his acceptance speech (with no tie being an acceptable answer)?

The decision of our dictatorial editor about the winner will be final.

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