God almighty when this is over the mercy is I may never have to visit Pennsylvania again. Never hah hah hah. Everyone is crisscrossing this benighted state, the McCain team because they need something to do — although when they say that, it comes out as “we can win!” — and the Obama tram because for all their diffidence and stuff, unlike previous Democrat campaigns they are leaving nothing to chance, so they are matching the GOP rallies one for one, Joe Biden tracking repeatedly through this region.

Yep Joe Biden. Good ol Joe butt of jokes everywhere — except in rural PA, Ohio etc etc, where his support extends miles beyond the limited penumbra of the cable networks, through the networks of unions etc etc. I’m by no means a fan of Biden’s zionist obsessive foreign policy or the deals he had to make with banking companies etc to make Delaware a sort of onshore Cayman Islands for business by lax regulation, but the choice by Obama of Biden was a measure of supreme political wisdom. Why?

Well, Biden has cred in these old union towns, and all this stuff about gaffes doesn’t matter sh-t. He would defend unions, to a degree, when unions needed defending, and when the GOP was gradually squeezing the possibility of strike action with legislation.

But the other side, as long term readers of Crikey will recall, is that Delaware, basically a chemical dump with state status, is also the home of … News Ltd. Yes, like thousands of companies, Murdoch and co relocated to Delaware which, in its desperation to attract business, raced to the bottom, and restructured company laws so as to make Murdoch’s notorious “poison pill” shareholder arrangement possible.

So is it vaguely possible that Obama’s choice of Biden was a link to Murdoch? Well it is unmistakeable that in the last four days the FIXED NOISE sorry FOX NEWS network, leaving aside Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity progs, has become noticeably more even-handed? Yep, at the beginning of this week Rupe gave up on Walnuts, and cut him loose.

Hence, I guess, the attack on Joe the Plumber’s crackpot stuff about Israel, the evenhanded stuff on the Brit Hume report about Obama and McCain and so on and so on. FIXED NEWS has already been positioned in such a way that it can get White House etc interviews in 2009, and McCain-Palin are twisting in the wind.

Murdoch has always known that at some point he has to stop trying to intervene in a process and get behind its dominant trend. He doesn’t care much in Australia, so he leaves headcases like Chris Mitchell in place (though only at the price of removing meta-retards like Tom “Heidi” Switzer) but in the UK and the US you need adults in charge. So in London The Sun goes Labour in 98 and pretty much stays there, and in the US, in the last analysis, with tear in the eye, the GOP nutjob is abandoned and the Dems are supported. You wanna see a magic act — watch The Wall Street Journal become a pseudo-Swedish journal, urging social reinvestment etc, after the election.

Man I digress. But where was I? Ah yes, Biden. The man has done his duty, he’s got the white working class vote out, he’s extended it, he’s assured them that the wiry black intellectual is ALL RIGHT, and that’s part of the reason why Obama is running ahead in so many states.

Really what do these people want? Do they actually believe he’s a Communist? Of course not. After Bush has nationalised well everything, what is left to do…?

Oh man due to debauchery and the demands of four hour news cycles. I am not able to complete here and will finish my thoughts on the blog…

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey