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Oct 30, 2008

McCain’s keys to Pennsylvania

McCain can tap into the Republican and moderate Democratic base in Pennsylvania, writes Pajamas Media.

John McCain can win Pennsylvania if he successfully taps into its Republican and moderate Democratic, writes Pajamas Media.

“Based on my travels this election season, I feel confident in saying that, aside from the “white guiltists” and the liberal intelligentsia, most Americans over 30, of all political stripes and religious affiliations, are morally conservative. While they may differ on abortion or gay marriage, the vast majority seek to enforce tighter borders, keep their families safe, get honest news, lower their taxes, and rid themselves of programs and policies that they feel are antithetical to how we became the world’s superpower. This is true in Indiana where I live, in my native California, and it sure as heck is true in 99% of Pennsylvania.”

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