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Oct 27, 2008

Palin: Obama acts like he’s already won

Sarah Palin has criticised Obama for acting like has already won the election, the Washington Times reports.

Sarah Palin has criticised Barack Obama for acting like has already won the election and that the “whole election process is just a formality”, the Washington Times reports.

“Barack Obama and I both have spent quite some time on the basketball court,” Palin is quoted as saying. “But where I come from, you have to win the game before you start cutting down the net.”

“Palin continued her criticism of an Obama economic plan that she says amounts to socialism, characterizing him as ‘Barack the wealth-spreader.’ She vowed that McCain would allow people to keep more of their money, and accused Obama of not telling the whole truth about what she said are his plans to redistribute wealth.”

Read the full story here.

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