Aks your newsagent? Could it be that SMH is seeking to broaden its appeal in the Telegraph’s western suburban heartland?

Seven on top. Another win for the Seven Network last week. Not as easy as the week before, but convincing nevertheless. Seven won with 30.6% (30.1%) from Nine with 26.5% (25.3%), Ten with 20.3% (20.5%), the ABC with 17.5% (18.8%) and SBS with 5.0%) (5.2%). Seven won all five metro markets, Brisbane by just 0.1% where Nine is doing its best nationally. — Glenn Dyer

Another doozy of a typo from the West Australian on Saturday. Their weekend magazine did a feature on Janet Holmes a Court, and in the headline they referred to her late husband as a “corporate radar.” One wonders whether, with such a unique talent, he may have been able to see the financial crisis coming a mile away. — Anonymous Crikey reader

Three reasons why Radar was too late. You have to give it to Maer Roshan: he was persistent. The man was determined to will Radar magazine into existence, and he did it. Three times. And now, for the third time, the magazine is folding — and taking a pretty great website with it. — Gawker

Dowd’s Gravitas. Maureen Dowd’s column in today’s New York Times is a serious, even earnest, take on Colin Powell’s late-in-the-game endorsement of Obama. Instead of Sunday’s “Madame Defarge sharpening her knitting needles at the guillotine” (payback for George W.’s “Reign of Error”), we get the following earnest statement: “In a gratifying “have you no sense of decency, Sir and Madam?” moment, Colin Powell went on “Meet the Press” on Sunday and talked about Khan, and the unseemly ways John McCain and Palin have been polarizing the country to try to get elected. It was a tonic to hear someone push back so clearly on ugly innuendo.” — Columbia Journalism Review

7 Fantastic Internet Hoaxes. Admit it. Even you, a savvy veteran e-mail user, have fallen for one or more of these Internet rumors. Or, even if you weren’t quite sure of the veracity of a particular story or photograph, you e-mailed it to your friends to amuse/warn them, or to see what they thought. Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not alone. — Information Week

Diary of a Web nerd: The Wii as a social platform. Sad as it may seem, it takes much to pull me away from my computer when I am at home with little else to do. I don’t live my entire life on the Internet — I do leave the house (sometimes) — but when I am at home you can be sure that the laptop or smart phone are within a few feet of my reach. This has all changed. — ZDnet

Is blogging dead? As I was walking the dog this morning, I checked Twitter on my phone and saw that it was alive with comments about “the death of blogging.” According to an article in Wired Magazine, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook make blogs look “so 2004”. Oh dear. My response was to go straight home — and write a blog post. — BBC