The McCain campaign has moved to deflect criticism of Sarah Palin by attacking Barack Obama as a big spender who will raise taxes, reports the Washington Post.

“Sen. John McCain campaigned across Ohio with Sarah Palin, drawing energized crowds of GOP partisans while his campaign dismissed the latest controversy over his running mate as coming from elitists and not representing the opinions of average Americans.

“Appearing before a cheering throng of supporters at a high school football field near Akron, McCain and Palin reprised their criticism of Democratic Sen. Barack Obama as a big spender intent on raising taxes and redistributing wealth. But McCain reserved some of his sharpest rhetoric for a round of media interviews, telling radio talk show host Don Imus that he was “entertained by the elitist attitude” toward Palin and attributing criticism of his running mate to the fact that she was not part of the “Georgetown cocktail party” circuit.”

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