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McCain’s Pennsylvania gambit. Here’s what the McCain campaign might be up to: It may be trying to create an undue focus on Pennsylvania, as if it is the most important state, more like a primary, putting the spotlight of the national media upon it. — The Field

Backlash against Powell’s endorsement. Powell got a note from Feroze Khan this week thanking him for telling the world that Muslim-Americans are as good as any others. But he also received more e-mails insisting that Obama is a Muslim and one calling him “unconstitutional and unbiblical” for daring to support a socialist. — Maureen Dowd, New York Times

Stolen elections — as American as apple pie. Getting a place on the short list of the greatest voter frauds would require something a lot more brazen than smuggling a few thousand ineligible voters onto the rolls, as ACORN has been accused of doing by some critics. Even a casual fanning of U.S. history books reveals hundreds of more blatant examples, including ballot stuffing, the purchase of votes, counterfeit votes, discarded ballots, voter intimidation, and bloody murder. — Slate

Where the GOP could get dirty. The Republican Party has whipped up a media frenzy over the mostly nonexistent problem of voter fraud — a much-hyped concern that, in reality, could abet a far more serious threat: Republican dirty tricks aimed at suppressing voter turnout in heavily Democratic areas. — Salon

Why do polls always tighten before an election? If you average together all 15 of [the 1944-2000] contests, the Labor Day spread was cut in half by Election Day—although the early leader won the popular vote in every case except Dewey-Truman. In other words, while last-minute poll tightening is far from death and taxes, it is a real phenomenon. — Explainer, Slate

Will white people riot? Many whites still labor under the illusion that black folk act en masse and that if you ask the right one, you can get the official position of some 40 million people. If a few of us get angry, that logic allows, it must surely result in a riot. — The Root

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McCain’s ill-considered use of air quotes when discussing women’s “health”

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