The Winners: Two and a Half Men (the 8pm episode) was tops with 1.421 million viewers, Seven News was second with 1.421 million and Two and a Half Men’s other new episode at 7.30pm with 1.350 million in third place. Today Tonight was fourth was 1.314 million with Criminal Minds on Seven, winning 8.30pm with 1.275 million. Seven’s Medical Emergency at 8pm was sixth with 1.265 million and the ABC’s Spicks and Specks was seventh with 1.246 million. Next was Home and Away which won 7pm for Seven with 1.182 million and Nine’s repeat of Two and a Half Men at 7pm was ninth with 1.161 million viewers. Nine News was tenth with 1.151 million, Seven’s 7.30pm program, Crash Investigation Unit was eleventh with 1.134 million. The 7pm ABC news was twelfth with 1.115 million, and the last million plus program.

The Losers: CSI New York at 9.30pm on Nine, 822,000. Not helped by the dud performance of The Mentalist at 8.30pm (980,000). Jamie’s Ministry of Food at 7.30pm on Ten, 766,000. House at 8.30pm, 860,000 (although Ten boasted that it won the time slot in 16 to 39 and 18 to 49). Yes, but audience numbers are 600,000 and more lower than they were at the peak — the lead-in isn’t helping though.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market but Today Tonight won everywhere bar Brisbane where ACA was strong. In Sydney Nine News snuck to within 20,000 viewers of Seven News (333,000 for Nine and 351,000 for Seven). In Melbourne the 7pm ABC news had more viewers than Nine News, 344,000 to 342,000. The 7.30 Report averaged 824,000. Lateline averaged 272,000, Lateline Business, 178,000. Ten News, 790,000, the late News/Sports Tonight, 393,000. SBS News at 6.30pm, 156,000. Dateline, 196,000, the 9.30pm SBS News, 178,000, Newstopia, 139,000.

The Stats: Seven won All People 6pm to midnight with 30.6% (33.4%), from Nine with 27.1% (25.1%), Ten with 19.4% (18.9%), the ABC with 18.8% (18.7%) and SBS with 4.2% (3.9%). Seven won Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine won Brisbane. Seven leads the week 31.5% to 26.9% for Nine. In regional areas, a win for Prime/7Qld with 31.4% from WIN/NBN with 27.0%, Southern Cross (Ten) with 18.1%), the ABC with 17.7% and SBS with 5.8%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Well, a big surprise. Nine shifts The Mentalist, one of the more interesting of US shows this year (with Australian Simon Baker) to Wednesday night from Sunday and it tanks. Strange indeed to drop from 1.48 million to just 980,000. That 500,000 drop might partly reflect the lower viewing levels on Wednesday night, but not all the reason. It’s another example of shifting a popular program and upsetting viewers.

It’s not that the program didn’t have a good lead in. The 8pm episode of Two and a Half Men had 1.421 million viewers, and was the top show, the 7.30pm program, 1.350 million. So there was a 440,000 drop in the number of people watching The Mentalist, which is usually a sign of boredom. Its an interesting program, but not on Wednesday nights!

A Current Affair, 994,000, with Perth counted in. Again a poor result. The program should be doing a lot better. TT was ahead by over 300,000 viewers, it’s not that good. The WIN version of ACA in Perth isn’t making an immediate impact (107,000 viewers, not much different to the figures for the Sydney version).

Tonight. Nine should win. RPA, Getaway. Maybe The Strip. Seven has Make Me a Supermodel, The Amazing Race, Heroes and Prison Break. Ten has Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and two hours of Law And Order. The ABC has the Harold Holt special at 8.30pm.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports