Talk about over-representation! Labor Senator Doug Cameron is moving office from Surry Hills, but he’s unable at present to locate to his chosen area (Springwood in the Blue Mountains, where Dougie lives) so Senator Cameron has settled on Penrith. Nothing wrong with that as such but ALP Senator Steve Hutchins already has an office there as does the State Labor MP Karyn Paluzzano and local Federal MP David Bradbury. That’d make four Labor pollies with a two kilometre radius! You’d think that it would serve the government better if he were to have an office in Pat Farmer’s seat of MacArthur, (40 kilometres away from Doug’s front door). What about an office in the heart of the federal seat of Greenway, about 20km away? It isn’t a big commute and certainly less than most of the good folks of the Blue Mountains or Penrith clock up on a daily basis!

The Jetstar virus appears to be infecting other members of the family. On Sunday at Melbourne Airport the Qantas self-check-in computer offered us an earlier flight than our online pre-booked departure. Accepting was a BIG mistake! The “earlier”departure was suddenly re-scheduled to depart hours later — Qantas staff said we couldn’t swap back. On arrival in Sydney the three hours after the scheduled time, the baggage was missing. It would be sent by courier when it arrived back from somewhere else. A companion on a following flight from Melbourne was diverted to Canberra, as were at least three other QF flights from other departure points. The reason? Ground staff told us it was because the Qantas flights were not carrying sufficient fuel to “orbit ” Sydney while a thunderstorm cleared.

A month ago I checked my Commonwealth Award points and considered redeeming 15,200 for a $100 David Jones shopping voucher. I decided to wait another month. I wish I hadn’t. The voucher now needs 16,200 points. I can see no justification whatsoever for this.

What’s in a name…

Age, Sunday, 19.10

Private investigators will no longer need to have s-x with pr-stitutes to gather evidence against illegal br-thels.

Under new laws before Parliament, the State Government has made it easier for local councils to prove an illegal brothel is operating in their area.

“If there are heaps of blokes walking in and going quickly, then that is a point of evidence that can now be taken into account by the magistrate,” said Dick Gross, president of the Municipal Association of Victoria.