The Winners: Seven’s The Force was tops at with 1.763 million at 8pm and its 7.30pm lead-in, Border Security averaged 1.677 million. Seven News was third with 1.546 million, City Homicide fourth with 1.471 million. CSI on Nine was sixth with 1.333 million. Home And Away on Seven at 7pm was seventh with 1.311 million. The fresh episode of Two And A Half Men at 7.30pm averaged 1.297 million and the 7pm repeat, 1.281 million in nineth spot. Nine news was tenth with 1.124 million and the 7pm ABC News was eleventh with 1.043 million. Seven’s 9.30pm program, Bones, averaged 1.015 million. Till Death on Nine at 8pm averaged 966,000. Australian Story on the ABC at 8pm averaged 867,000. Enough Rope at 9.35pm, 843,000. Good news Week, 955,000.

The Losers: Australian Idol, the live verdict at 7.30pm on Ten 888,000. Bad, but better than the 783,000 of the previous week. Top Gear Australia on SBS, 598,000. 668,000 the week before. The hosts are the problem. Supernatural on Ten at 9.30 pm, 718,000. Cold Case on Nine at 9.30 pm, 890,000.

News & Current Affairs: A Current Affair had 993,000 viewers on what is supposed to be its highest rating night of the week. That was down to it not being shown in Perth. WIN, which owns Nine in Adelaide and Perth started its version of A Current Affair in the west called Perth’s A Current Affair. It averaged 113,000. It was coded separately to ACA, so the ratings were less than it seemed at 6.30pm nationally. All up, ACA averaged 1.106 million. Not a very helpful move by WIN at all. Seven runs different editions of Today Tonight in Adelaide and Perth, but they are all coded as one program.

The 7pm ABC News had more viewers than Nine News in both Sydney and Melbourne, Seven News topped 400,000 viewers in both markets, so the weakness at Nine wasn’t all down to the earlier start of daylight saving. Seven News won nationally and in all markets. Ten News averaged 827,000 and the Late News/Sports Tonight averaged 357,000. The 7.30 Report averaged 752,000 — down despite Top Gear being down as well on SBS. Four Corners, 819,000, Media Watch, 707,000. Lateline, 327,000. Lateline Business, 147,000. 6.30pm SBS News, 195,000, the 9.30pm edition, 151,000. 7am Sunrise on Seven, 391,000, 7am Today, 282,000.

The Stats. Seven won All People 6pm to midnight, 18-49 and 25 to 54. It won All People with a share of 32.0% (30.4%) from Nine with 26.6% (unchanged), with Ten on 18.7% (16.8%); the ABC on 16.8% (19.3%) and SBS with 5.9% (6.8%). Seven won all five metro markets and leads the week now on 29.5% to 28.3%. In regional areas a win to Prime/7Qld with 33.0%, from WIN/NBN with 24.3%, Southern Cross (Ten) with 17.9%, the ABC with 17.2% and SBS with 7.6%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: It is with a complete lack of regret that I report the Seven Network has given the US version of Kath and Kim the big heave ho from Sunday nights and from next Sunday we will see ‘classic’ episodes of old Kath and Kim from the ABC and Seven series. That’s repeats of repeats of repeats in some cases, much like Nine’s repeat of repeat of repeats of Two And A Half Men. But Australian TV viewers have won over the US Networks and TV producers and forced Seven to punt the US version after only 729,000 people tuned in on Sunday night.

Viewers have, after two weeks of head to head competition, shown they prefer Seven’s home-grown copper show, City Homicide, over Nine’s import, CSI. City Homicide is a more expensive program than CSI, but Seven can charge more for advertising time than Nine can in CSI. Nine is also burning up fresh CSIs from the current US season which will impact it next year.

Tonight: Find My Family, Packed To the Rafters and All Saints. Seven has replaced RSPCA Animal Rescue at 7.30pm with The Zoo, so its figures from then on across the night will be a bit lower than they have been over the past month or so. Ten has NCIS, which makes for a strongpoint for the week. It also the unimpressive Rush at 9.30pm. Nine as an hour of The Chopping Block and three episodes of Two And A half Men and 20 to 1 at 9.30pm. The ABC has the final Two In The Top End at 8pm. SBS has episode four of The First Australians.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports.