On global warming, McCain and Obama agree urgent action is needed.  Senators John McCain and Barack Obama part company on many issues, but they agree that the Bush administration’s policies on global warming were far too weak. Both candidates say that human-caused climate change is real and urgent, and that they would sharply diverge from President Bush’s course by proposing legislation requiring sharp cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by midcentury. — New York Times

Live, baby, live. Architecture 2030’s challenge targets would provide five times the energy as offshore and nuclear. Because America’s energy crisis is adversely impacting our economy and national security, it is critical to take a realistic look at the energy solutions currently being proposed by politicians, industry, and the media. — Grist

Fifteen EU countries are on track to meet Kyoto targets. Before somebody points it out, yes, I do realize that being “on target” doesn’t necessarily mean that these countries will actually meet the emission caps set under the Kyoto Protocol. However, given all of the backtracking and inertia that have characterized recent climate dealings, it is a sign of progress — however slight. — Treehugger

New Japanese airport will be cooled by snow. Starting in 2010, the New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, Japan will collect snow in the winter to provide 30% of the terminal building’s cooling needs in the summer. — Ecogeek