Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama underscores how clearly and irreparably McCain has split open the fault line in the GOP. In going against McCain, whom he has known and admired for two decades, the party’s keynote speaker in 2000 and former Bush Secretary of State cited Sarah Palin and the William Ayers tone of the Republican campaign and praised the “inclusive nature” of Obama’s as key reasons for his decision. — Connecting.the.dots [via The Moderate Voice]

Powell’s endorsement of Obama for President is far more influential than any of the newspapers that have so far endorsed Obama. The fact that the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune have endorsed Obama is a yawn in comparison. Today’s endorsement is coming from a man who could have easily been elected the first African-American president in 1996 had he chosen to go through the national wringer that is the presidential nomination process. — Huffington Post

The orgy of Obamedia attention Powell will receive the next 24 hours is disproportionate to its importance. The press only loves maverick Republicans when they jump in bed with Democrats. Just ask John McCain. — Michelle Malkin

Powell endorsed Obama because he’s black. “This Week” asked George Will what he thought about Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama. His response? Black, black, blackety-black black black blackety-black. — Firedoglake

You knew it was coming. To the conservatives that populate pollute the airwaves, Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama could only be because he is black. — Crooks and Liars

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