Testing Google’s ‘drunk email’ protector. For a company that’s dominated the Internet by doing one simple thing well, Google has also managed to build a thriving side business in bells and whistles: its features offer everything from the ability to search inside books and videos to the ability to watch a kid fall off a bike from the privacy of your own home. So when I heard that Google had unveiled a new feature called Mail Goggles that is designed to stop you from sending embarrassing e-mails while drunk by requiring you to do math problems, my first thought was, That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. My second thought was, I want to try it. — Time

Madonna not quite Goddard [sic] with Filth & Wisdom. A splashy Berlin Film Festival premiere may not have been the ideal launch strategy for this modestly scaled first feature co-written and directed by Madonna, which arrives in the U.S. having been torn limb from celluloid limb by Euro critics. Apparently, they didn’t get the memo—included in the press notes—in which the Material Girl says that while she has “always been inspired by the films of Goddard [sic], Visconti, Passolini [sic] and Fellini,” she expects it will be some time before she’s able to “make something that comes close to their genius.”– The Village Voice

50 of your favourite words. Lots of sesquipedalians out there, judging by the response to our feature on the man who reads dictionaries for fun, Ammon Shea. We asked for your favourite words and were overwhelmed with nominations. — BBC News

The most conservative and most liberal shows on TV. The Gossip Girl kids have gotten political. Two of them at least, Penn Badgley who plays Dan and his off-screen ladylove Blake Lively, who plays his on-screen ladylove Serena. They’re appearing in a MoveOn anti-McCain ad in which regular kids—including these two soap stars at that Hannah girl from that American Teenager documentary—condescend to their McCain-voting parents as if they were about to drink or take doobies. Har har. So Gossip Girl is a bit liberal, but it’s not the only politicized show on the air. No indeed there are others, subtly (or not so) spouting rhetoric from both sides of the aisle. — Gawker