ASIO must be getting at least some clue from reading the recent Crikey article on how pathetically bad and insecure its current recruitment process is as its website has changed the email address for applications to [email protected]. Prior to the Crikey article appearing it was [email protected]. TMP, a private recruitment company and a foreign one at that, will still have a record of all candidates which must clearly mean the identity of all new ASIO intelligence operatives will be know to TMP and to its foreign parent. It boggles the mind that for an organisation that is into the cloak and dagger stuff as much as ASIO seems to have no clue on how to be secure. Is it asking too much for ASIO to follow some basic security? I was thinking of actually applying as the role seemed quite interesting and worthwhile, but given they don’t seem to know the basics of security, I can’t be bothered. Not a very effective recruitment tool, is it.

And ABC TV producers are being sacked too — as many as 30 have been targeted to go — award winners like Paul Costello and Sally Virgoe. What a shame ABC.

More waste at the ABC. Last week five managers from ABC Commercial flew from Melbourne from Sydney. The purpose was for a one hour presentation by a Sydney based manager to his colleagues from Sydney. Strange

There was a time when a mobile phone could be set to ring for an extended period before going to voice mail. My latest Optus mobile goes to voice mail after 30 seconds and I could find no mechanism for extending this period. Thus if for some reason I can’t down tools or find my trousers to retrieve the ringing phone within 30 seconds I must call 321 to retrieve the message and then call the party concerned. The cynical may note the reciprocal effect to the balance sheets of client and carrier in this process. Having contacted Optus about the matter I received a helpful suggestion that I could extend the ringing period by disabling voice mail, a response which led me to inquire whether Optus regarded such an option as being efficacious to my business. No response was forthcoming so I contacted the Telecommunications ombudsman. The TIO gave me a reference number and suggested I phone the Customer Relations Group at Optus. This morning I did so. No technical reason was given for why the 30 second period exists nor was any solution offered. However, to compensate me for the inconvenience and expense Optus has offered to credit my account to the tune of $250 and assures me this amount will reach my account today. I am sure they will be delighted to offer a similar solution to all their clients.

The journalist who reported on Labor MP Maxine McKew’s “conflict of interest” is perhaps a little conflicted himself. Seven News hack Alex Hart’s mother is none other than the South Australia’s Deputy Liberal leader Vickie Chapman … And the apparent source of his “scoop” … Liberal Senator Michael Ronaldson — was doing nothing to hide away from his leaking of documents to a kindly disposed journalist … He appeared in Alex Hart’s story!


I recently flew Qantas from Sydney to London and then back home from New York. And nothing happened. In fact it was on time and a very non-eventful series of flights. Thought this may be of interest.

Because I know you like to spot inconsistencies between online news and the featured ads based on the news content — there’s a Coca Cola ad right below the pic of Kerry Armstrong in this story on The Age