New Apple laptop is ‘greenest MacBook ever’. The new MacBook’s main frame is cut out of a single piece of aluminum, and the discarded metal is recycled. It arrives to stores in 41 percent less packaging than the previous generation, and can be returned to Apple for recycling at the end of its life… Reality check from Grist: “Hanging on to your current laptop is even greener.”– Gristmill

FIJI Water Gets ‘Green’ Spin. As if it isn’t bad enough that FIJI brand water comes from far, far away in…Fiji, the company is now in the throws of a green makeover in an attempt to reverse the counter-intuitiveness. The company claims to have a negative carbon footprint based on bottling practices. — Media Bistro

Brazil bets on technology to control Amazon. At Sipam, the Amazon Protection System, which was launched in 2003 at a cost of $1.4 billion, authorities battle deforestation, forest fires and drug trafficking by analyzing satellite images and aerial photography. The images will be used as evidence in court against hundreds of illegal loggers. — Reuters

The world, up close through a microscope. The top 10 images in the Nikon International Small World Competition, which recognizes excellence in photographs taken through a microscope. Browse the top ten images and listen to some of the photographers explain their shots. — New York Times