Last week Crikey asked its readers to enter a caption competition; putting words to the faces of worried Wall Street traders as the international markets collapsed. As usual, the Crikey army didn’t fail to disappoint as the entries came flooding in. Unfortunately we can only have five winners who will receive a Sarah Palin Moose dressing tea-towel and a set of First Dog US Campaign Badges (buy yours here!). The decision was a tough one but congratulations to Cathy Bannister, David Roberts, Felicity Watson, Brad Sprigg and Jon Longhurst for their efforts.

Here’s a selection of the best captions from all our readers who entered:

Caption 1

“And that’s how you write in the snow!” — Alex Wasiel

Jason desperately wanted to call the lawyers running the class action against Blackkopf for their negligently strong Extra Hold Gel, but he couldn’t work the Blackberry with his nose. — Cathy Bannister

“I knew I should have put it on black!” — David Roberts

“Oh my god! These line graphs have been UPSIDE DOWN all this time!” — Dean Kimpton

“I left my gay p-rn in the kid’s VCR!” — Eloise Rosenstein

“I’m going to wash these CDO’s right out of my hair” — Adrian Hunt

“My hat, you sold my hat!! No not the shirt, you can’t take my shirt as well!” — Jack Brown

“It’s horrible! It’s tragic! I look like Senator Fielding!” — Jon Longhurst

“No … it’s bump to the front then grind.” — Kaye Deeley

As Craig Bellamy defended the grapple tackle he was suddenly hit with the awful realisation that most people think he’s a goose. — Michael Warrington

“Market down, receding hairline up. Damn, I’m in trouble at home.” — Rick Smith

“Oh man, oh man, oh man. I forgot to cancel that visit from Bill Henson…” — Tim Villa

“Eddie wants to stay President at Collingwood until when?” — Warren Clarke


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52 years ago

Pic 9: “C’mon ladies. Anyone? Do I hear $1.00 for Bachelor 542?”

(That comp was so cruel. These folks have probably just lost everything.)

A Loser
A Loser
52 years ago

I’m devastated. They didn’t use my suggestion for pictures 8 & 9, which were ‘before’ and ‘after… the money shot’.