As the world reacts to the global financial meltdown, Barack Obama ‘s “unflappable” persona is helping him edge out the “erratic” leadership style on show from John McCain, writes the Financial Times.

“Most observers attribute Mr Obama’s double-digit lead in some polls to the financial crisis. But his campaign, which has studiously avoided giving the impression it is measuring the drapes in the White House, believes their candidate’s unflappable temperament has also played a role. They contrast this to the allegedly capricious style of campaigning of John McCain, Republican candidate, and his famously short fuse.

“You can’t afford that kind of erratic, uncertain leadership in these uncertain times,” Mr Obama tells every rally. “We need a steady hand in the White House. We need a president we can trust in times of crisis.”

“The contrast is increasingly easy to make. Last week Mr McCain unveiled a surprise plan for the federal government to buy up failing mortgages in a $300bn initiative that directly undercut his stance of reducing the size of government.”

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