The Obsidian Wings blog has a thing or two to say about the availability of funds (or lack thereof) for John McCain’s presidential campaign:

A dollar for John McCain is a dollar not spent in other places. More specifically, if McCain and Obama were raising equal amounts of money, then the RNC would have more flexibility to spend money in congressional races where it’s desperately needed. But because of the individual fundraising disparities, they’ve been allocating a big lump of money to the presidential campaign just to keep McCain even.

If, however, McCain remains several points down, then the RNC’s spending gets a lot harder to justify — particularly when the magic number of 60 is very much in play in the Senate. To make things worse, The Wall Street Journal reports that an Obama campaign official said its September haul was “obscenely large.” So the RNC is going to have spend even more to stay even in the weeks ahead.

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