The Nine Network has been told to get rid of its Darwin TV station, NTD8 by the media regulator, (ACMA), the Sydney news is in disarray with veteran producer, Graham Thurston sacked for a third time by the bumbling management, and what does David Gyngell do? Trumpet the Network’s victory with Fox Sports in winning the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand and then in 2015. News of the footy deal was revealed in one of the house newsletters for News Ltd and Foxtel the Sunday Telegraph yesterday.

What the story neglected to point out is that Sky in New Zealand will be playing a part and its controlled by news Ltd and News Corp, and it controls a terrestrial TV Network; the old Prime NZ network that the Nine Network once had an option over 50% of, but bailed out to Sky. Nine and Foxtel have won the rights to the winter Olympics in 2010 and the summer games in London in 2012; both of which are shaping up as potential financial disasters, given the worldwide economic slowdown and credit freeze that is placing pressure on Nine’s ability to survive.

It is also the partnership that tries every now and then to sneak off with the rights to the Ashes cricket tour in the UK, but the Federal Government has made sure that is on SBS and Free Tor Air TV after the Nine Network refused to show the 2005 series. But things are happening at the Nine Network and PBL media that the network and some of its media mates are ignoring. The direction to sell NTD 8 will force them to sell at a loss as Impaja, the indigenous TV network in the Northern territory, baulked at meeting Nine’s outrageous $28 million cost in a deal that collapsed last month. — Glenn Dyer

Lachlan Murdoch must be falling on hard times as the family company has given his wife her second gig in as many weeks. The Sydney Sunday Telegraph (edited by the people mover known as Neil Breen for his ability to get rid of loyal, long serving staff) has done the right thing by the ‘family’ and given young Sarah Murdoch’s new gig a real plug, much in the way his Monday to Friday Daily Tele counterpart, David Penberthy, has done his bit for the ruling family. — Glenn Dyer

Seven Network boss, David Leckie is enjoying sticking the boot into his opposition and critics in TV and advertising. This morning’s papers were full of stories about his crowing. Seven will end up winning the year quite easily post Olympic Games, more than making up the ground lost earlier in the year. Nine will run second with higher figures than the terrible trough that was 2007, but nowhere near as high as they were at the half way mark in July. Ten remains the interesting situation. It reports its 2008 profit this week: it has already warned that earnings will be down at least 10%, but it could be worse, judging from the significant change to the way the result will be reported. — Glenn Dyer

Fox News accuses Mattel of producing jihad doll. Prominent toy manufacturer Fisher-Price, a subsidiary of Mattel, is accused by some American parents of selling a baby doll that preaches an Islamic message. One parent told a sceptical Associated Press reporter in this video that the doll is saying “Islamin is the light”. I’d hate to think what it would say if played backwards. FoxNews’ report (“Parents Outraged Over Baby Doll They Say Mumbles Pro-Islam Message“) was less sceptical, making an issue of how the manufacturer “didn’t immediately respond to’s requests for comment”. Yep, immediate silence is guilt. As if worries over Matel’s share price were clearly less pressing for the company’s PR spin-doctors. And how much does Mattel really care about FoxNews’ latest al-Qaida conspiracy? Type the word “Islam” into the press release search engine and find out for yourself. — Irfan Yusuf

Fairfax ‘noice’: a world without sub-editors. Following on from your article about some journo mistakenly putting down the wrong date for September 11, I noticed in the Saturday edition of the SMH the same story appear twice. And, as if to prove their further drift towards media-lite, the “news” article was about the American version of Kath and Kim, on page 6:

and page 11:

Crikey reader Liz Barrett

Mystery of missing Sunday Age pages. Mook’s copy of yesterday’s Sunday Age had page 25 and 26 missing. The Age customer service department confirmed there had been an error in page numbering. Is this the kind of thing that happens when sub-editors’ jobs are slashed by Fairfax? — Media Mook

The Howard Years. During his 11 years as Prime Minister, John Howard led his government through a decade of monumental upheaval. Throughout it all, he proved himself to be the ultimate political master. Now, The Howard Years goes behind the scenes to present the inside story of the Howard Government and examine the legacy of his time in office. — ABC1

Shop til your subscription doesn’t arrive. Is new editor Justine Cullen experiencing teething problems? SHOP til you drop subscribers recieved this email message on Friday 10 October:

Vodka brand sues Absolute Radio. (UK) The owner of Swedish vodka brand Absolut has launched legal proceedings against Absolute Radio, the rebranded Virgin Radio, for infringement of its trademark. Drinks company V&S Vin&Sprit, which owns the Absolut vodka brand and Absolut Tracks music project, has issued a writ against Absolute Radio for trademark infringement and “passing off” — misrepresenting its services as those of Absolut. The firm has claimed that consumers are likely to be confused over the use of the similar names and that Absolute Radio could be detrimental to its vodka brand. — Guardian Media

Watching Fox News: Don’t have a cow, man. If you look at Fox News as part of that corporate Murdochean empire, the prevalent aesthetic isn’t conservatism, it’s an in-your-face, irreverent attitude that can swing as far left (The Simpsons) as it does right (24). The guiding principle of the Fox Broadcasting Network since the beginning has been to thumb its nose at the rest of the media while appealing to a younger audience. And while ratings fluctuate, Fox has been wildly successful at realizing its game plan, from Married . . . with Children to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Meanwhile F/X continues to produce one sharply produced show after another, such as The Shield and The Riches. — The Boston Globe

A hacked version of Google Street View lands on Windows Mobile. As a Windows Mobile user, you might wish that Google would provide an updated version of Google Maps with the Street View functionality. Well, you can wait on that front now that Google is competing directly with Microsoft, I’m afraid that they will try to Push their own Android solution first and come back to Windows Mobile later. — Uebergizmo