According to the new Gallup Poll, conducted October 3-5, slightly fewer McCain voters today than a month ago mention either national security concerns or Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s presence on the ticket as the main reason they are supporting McCain.

On their website, Gallup contrasts this finding against the dominant rationale voters give for favoring Obama — that he represents change or a “fresh approach.” Lower-ranked factors, mentioned by at least 10% of his voters, include his economic proposals (13%), his plans for handling the Iraq war (10%), and his views more generally (12%).

Aside from the factors already mentioned, supporters of both major party candidates mention a variety of other candidate positions and traits. Small percentages of Obama’s voters (fewer than 10%) cite his intelligence (8%), support for the working/middle class (7%), honesty (5%), and position on healthcare reform (4%). Fewer than 10% of McCain’s voters cite his honesty (8%), his military background (6%), and his conservative views (5%).

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