There should be no surprise Don Burke has joined Gunns. The self-described “practical environmentalist” (perhaps in the manner of John Howard’s “practical reconciliation”) was until earlier this year head of the “Australian Environment Foundation”, an Institute of Public Affairs-linked group of climate change denialists, opponents of landclearing restrictions and nuclear power and timber industry supporters. Burke has described the environmental movement as “obsolete” and “the greatest threat to the world’s environment”. Gunns received an award from the Foundation in 2006 for grasslands management and protection of an endangered butterfly. Gunns has also provided funding to the IPA. — Bernard Keane

Barack Obama’s campaign has purchased a half-hour of prime airtime on CBS, Obama spokesman Jen Psaki confirms. The campaign plans to air a special on CBS at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 29 — less than one week before election day. Psaki would not confirm whether the campaign plans to buy slots on other networks. According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter, the trade industry publication that broke the news, the campaign is in talks to also buy time on NBC and Fox.

The campaign’s move is unusual, but not unprecedented. Right before the 1992 presidential election, Independent candidate Ross Perot aired a series of 30-minute campaign ads on prime-time TV. More than 16.5 million people tuned in to watch the Republican billionaire’s broadcast, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The Obama campaign confirms that it has also bought a chunk of time on NBC and Fox (although the campaign ad won’t air on Fox if there is a World Series game that night). — Glenn Dyer

The Elite Newspaper of the Future. A smaller, less frequently published version packed with analysis and investigative reporting and aimed at well-educated news junkies that may well be a smart survival strategy for the beleaguered old print product. American Journalism Review

Tourism Australia unveils Baz Luhrmann global ad campaign. Tourism Australia has unveiled a £19.5m international marketing campaign featuring a 90-second commercial created by film director Baz Luhrmann, inspired by his forthcoming blockbuster Australia. The 90-second stand-alone film takes its cue from Luhrmann’s epic, which stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, and is to be released worldwide this December. The film tells the story about a woman who loses her sense of self, but finds adventure and romance when she comes to Australia. — Brand Republic

How dare they not retouch Sarah! Fox News delivers on the important stuff, Newsweek‘s not-photoshopped cover of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. — YouTube

Vodafone challenges Apple with offer of fresh BlackBerrys for Christmas. Vodafone will put pressure on Apple’s iPhone today with news that it has clinched an exclusive deal to offer the first touchscreen phone made by the mobile email specialist BlackBerry in time for Christmas. The BlackBerry Storm, which has a revolutionary “clickable” touchscreen that prevents a user accidentally sending an email or making a call just by touching the screen, will be free for anyone willing to sign up with Vodafone. — Media Guardian

Debates, Facts, and Live Tweeting: How Politifact and NPR Do It. For live event coverage, more and more people turn to their TVs and computers simultaneously. This is especially true for political coverage — and you could really see it in action during last night’s presidential debate. A team of journalists from Politifact and the St. Petersburg Times used Twitter to provide live factual backgrounding for some of the candidates’ statements during the debate. Lots of Twitter users followed this action, and many responded to or expanded this conversation. — Poynter

Stardoll Magazine: Because Girls Needed More Fashion Advice. Hearst Corporation isn’t the only company launching magazines these days. Stardoll, “the world’s largest online destination for fashion enthusiasts” that we hadn’t heard of until an hour ago, is launching an Internet only magazine in conjunction with Elle. Elle editor Malina Joseph will have “an official voice within Stardoll Magazine” by posting blog items and personal style tips, streaming exclusive video dispatches with notable fashion designers and engaging in live chats with the community. What the release doesn’t mention is that Joesph is the “fashion bookings editor,” not exactly Roberta Myers. Whatevs, it counts as brand extension. — Fishbowl NY