The McCain-Palin team’s only advice for each other is “to have fun” the duo have told Fox News interviewer Sean Hannity. The Chicago Tribune‘s Swamp blog reported that:

“The Republican ticket sat down with Sean Hannity today, he of the FOX News Channel persuasion and they in a little need of love.”

“The only advice we give each other is to have fun — two words,” presidential nominee John McCain tells the host of Hannity & Colmes.”

But they had a few words of caution about McCain’s opponent, Barack Obama, raising his association with “terrorist” Bill Ayers as a concern about Obama’s judgement and truthfulness.

“It’s about Sen. Obama being candid and straight forward with the American people about their relationship,” says McCain. “He has dismissed it by saying he was just a guy in the neighborhood. You know it’s much more than that. Let’s reveal all the details of that relationship and then the American people can make a judgment.”

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