Your very first look at Elle reality show Stylista. Upon exclusively viewing the CW’s Stylista — a reality show featuring 11 contestants competing for The Greatest Prize Ever (and a job at Elle magazine) — we discovered the premise is quite obviously based on The Devil Wears Prada: Incompetent people who have no business being involved in the fashion industry? Check. Frightening dictator (fashion news director Anne Slowey)? Check. Inane tasks that have seemingly nothing to do with fashion? Check. The difference: We wanted Anne Hathaway to succeed in the movie; in the reality TV version, we kind of hope everyone fails miserably. — Jossip

Jamie Oliver thinks his fans are scrubbers. Ah, there’s no better way to interact with your fanbase than a good bit of harmless ribbing is there? Just like fifth formers giving each other dead arms as a juvenile form of affection. But Jamie Oliver seems to have over-stepped the mark a little – saying he no longer kisses his “minging” fans at book signing for fear of catching herpes. — Holy Moly

Horrible photo of Britney eating icecream. Looking like a remnant of her 2007 self, Britney went for ice cream on Thursday. I luv me some chocolate sprinklers, y’all! We can at least be thankful she’s not traipsing barefoot through gas stations in Malibu. — TMZ

Where Sarah Palin got her hockey mom hair. — W magazine has learned that the Guv has been travelling with a hair stylist named Angela, who usually works out of a salon called The Hair Grove in Westlake Village, California. As a source recently told us, she was directed there by none other than Cindy McCain. — Editors blog, W

Beyonce finally admits she’s married. In an in an interview in the November issue of Essence magazine, Beyonce unwillingly talks about her marriage to Jay-Z. Unlike her perceived sense of class or her velcro hair, she says it’s “real.” — I Don’t Like You in That Way

Sharon Osbourne’s Charm School. Send your friends tips from Miss Manners herself, Sharon Osbourne. Their call ID will show your number, but they’ll hear Sharon’s sage advice on such vexing social issues as drunk dialing and tequila. We fear this phone service isn’t available in Australia. — VHI