Mmmm pork. Looks like the ABC’s matching of photos with story names isn’t working too well:

Crikey reader Wayne Gibbings

See how power works in this country.

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Times embraces the pain. “World takes fright,” splashes the Times today under a large gloomy image of the FTSE’s closing performance: -391.06. So how thoughtful of those good men and women at the paper to offer today’s readers a free CD of Joy Division’s Closer, one of the most downbeat and miserably introspective albums in rock history (and released two months after the suicide of the band’s vocalist Ian Curtis). — Media Monkey @ Guardian Media

R.I.P. Here’s a twist: A newspaper killing its Web site but keeping its print edition. At least for now. That’s what’s happening at The New York Times-owned International Herald Tribune, where the Times Co. is closing the paper’s site, according to Forbes, and redirecting the traffic to Normally, killing a newspaper Web site would make no sense–but in this case, it does. — Recovering Journalist

Not to overhype this, but … I think we’re on the verge of an epochal advancement in journalism. We’ve spoken for years about the radical evolution that must take place, but I think our ideas are only now matching our ambitions. In recent years, our craft has gotten quicker and glitzier and slightly more in touch, but all our progress has been incremental. Now, the paradigm shift is finally at hand. —

Give us some credit. How the newspaper industry is about to be disembowelled by the banking crisis. I have a horrible feeling that this is the moment when the newspaper industry explodes. It’s not an implausible scenario. I’m not saying it’s a certainty but it is no longer a silly abstract thing to talk about. It now seems sillier to imagine that it couldn’t. — Inksniffer

Interacting with viewers live via Twitter. I’ve been using Twitter for a few months and have wondered whether there was enough critical mass use to introduce it as a tool for anchors and producers to interact with viewers in real time. Then I saw CNN jump head first into on-air use. At first, CNN anchors seem too reluctant to even mention the word “Twitter,” sorta laughing at how strange the word sounded. It only took a couple of weeks before the anchors were saying it confidently, perhaps after using it and seeing its immediate value. — Nashville is Talking

Newspaper turns off Twitterfeed, gains followers. The Grand Island Independent, a small paper in Nebraska, has been on Twitter for almost a year. In the last month, @theindependent has more than doubled its number of followers. Web editor Stephanie Romanski tells how. — Graphic Designer

See how power works in this country.

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