The blogosphere scores yesterday’s presidential debate.

Have the conservatives thrown in the towel? Trevor Cook writes “Obama ‘mobbed’ after debate, as the right worries about McCain’s prospects”. Great roundup of conservative views on the debate including this quote from Rightwing News: “McCain wins on foreign policy, but McCain lost on the economy and probably ended his chances to be President by proposing to nationalize the mortgages of irresponsible home owners instead of going in a fiscally responsible direction. Huge winner by default: Obama.” — Corporate Engagement

The world according to last night’s debate. A map showing which countries rated a mention in the presidential debate, with a link to commentary from The Guardian: “Foreign policy in these debates means: Iraq, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan and Russia. And that’s it. China — China! — barely came up. India and Pakistan (Pakistan came up in the Afghanistan context, but wouldn’t you think that maybe the new nuclear agreement between the US and India, concluded just last week for gosh sakes, might make an appearance?).”[via The Interpreter]

The people speak. The chattering classes may have declared last night’s Nashville debate a draw, but the public seems to have disagreed. Every single scientific poll released since the curtain closed, in fact, has proclaimed Barack Obama the evening’s overwhelming winner. (All of these surveys adhered to standard polling practice–phone calls, representative sampling–and none were conducted online.)… Even Fox News Obama even won the Fox News focus group. The defense rests. — Stumper blog, Newsweek

President Barack Hoover. McCain got in one very tough punch on the origins of the financial crisis in Freddie and Fannie and Obama and the Dems’ complicity in it and promised more, but the rest of the bout was shadow boxing until it turned to foreign policy which, important though it is, isn’t where the electorate is right now. — Hugh Hewitt