The reduction in the number of sub-editors at Fairfax is beginning to have an impact on the quality of copy, particularly in Sydney’s Sun Herald. Last Sunday, gossip columnist Shelly Horton was sent to cover the Emmys and described five-time winner Candice Bergen as Candice Bergman. This weekend, the brother of Britt Lapthorne, the Australian missing in Croatia, was described by Paola Totaro as: “Darren, 25, the 1987 Australian road cycling champion, x x.” Which would have made him four at the time of his triumph — a truly amazing performance. Insiders say subs no longer have any time to check facts, so if a reporter makes a mistake, it makes the paper.

Jetstar in Hobart having to put passengers up until Tuesday for cancelled flight to Sydney from Sunday. No guarantee that Tuesday will be able to fly all passengers. Were trying to book flights on Virgin…

Your comments on the ever self confident Entree Vous lobbying outfit run by former Queensland Liberal candidate Ros Bates and former Liberal MP and powerbroker Michael Caltabiano were spot on. Might be worth noting that Benjamin Gommers, who’s listed on the EV website and lobbyist register as Entree Vous’s “government relations expert” is in fact the son of Ros Bates. He is a 20-year-old Gold Coast uni student who works part time at Toys R Us. Would be interesting to see exactly what expert knowledge young Ben is able to offer mum’s clients.

Seems Minister for Ageing Justine Elliot just can’t seem to handle her diary correctly