What the pundits said:

Biden wins, hands down. Joe Biden was substantive, thoughtful and in command. Sarah Palin ignored virtually every question and stuck to generalities and platitudes. Yes Palin didn’t stumble as she did during the Katie Couric interviews. But she didn’t impress, either. It was all boilerplate–like she was giving a scripted pep talk, not proving she could handle the toughest job in the world. — The Nation

The Vice-Presidential Debate. We cannot recall when there were lower expectations for any candidate going into a national debate than preceded Gov. Sarah Palin’s appearance in Thursday night’s vice-presidential debate with Senator Joseph Biden. That’s a big plus: all the candidate has to do is show up, say one or two sensible things and avoid an election-defining gaffe. — New York Times

Joe Biden–Inspired Veep Pick. No question Palin helped herself tonight, but that’s only because she had so far to climb. If you’re grading on anything other than a massive curve, Biden wins hands down. — The New Republic

Who Won the Vice-Presidential Debate? A confident, folksy Sarah Palin attacked the Democratic presidential ticket on taxes and partisanship, holding her own against her senior vice-presidential rival. Joe Biden, assiduously avoiding any direct attacks on his opponent, kept his focus trained on the top of the ticket, charging again and again that Palin’s partner, John McCain, wants to give tax breaks to the rich and deregulate the economy. — Washington Wire

Biden, Palin clash on economy, Iraq at debate. Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Joe Biden clashed on the economy and Iraq during a lively but polite debate on Thursday, but aimed the most criticism at their rivals at the top of the ticket. In the only vice presidential debate ahead of the November 4 U.S. election, Biden accused Republican presidential contender John McCain of being “out of touch” on the economic crisis and said he was “no maverick” on crucial issues facing Americans. — Reuters

You decide: Get the VP Debate 08 transcript here.

CNN Segments: Palin-Biden vice presidential debate

Sarah Palin blooper reel (click through to view the video)

Joe Biden blooper reel (click through to view the video)


Palinbingo: Cross off a square whenever the Republican VP pick says one of her buzzwords – Bridge to Nowhere anyone?

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