Oct 3, 2008

Faris: Boat people put Rudd to the test

This is Australia’s version of the US Green card lottery, writes Peter Faris.

It seems likely that Rudd’s boat refugee policy will be tested by the 14 people now on Christmas Island. None of this will be a surprise to the Government. What will be interesting is how well the matter is handled.

Labor’s policies are clear and they should be implemented swiftly and decisively. The refugees must spend as little time in detention as possible, be given permanent visas and then flown to Australia to be resettled at the taxpayer’s expense. The Government cannot afford to refuse visas and then have any of them remain in custody while it drags through the courts for four or five years.

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6 thoughts on “Faris: Boat people put Rudd to the test

  1. pamela

    Without ire, disrespect or rudeness Peter Faris, I am waiting for your answer. What would you do? Stay home and wait to see if they get you or Run for your life?

  2. Matt

    Peter Faris (allegedly QC) writes “The refugees must spend as little time in detention as possible, be given permanent visas and then flown to Australia to be resettled at the taxpayer’s expense”.

    The whole rant of his “story” flows from this.

    This ISNT labor’s policy. Faris either doesn’t understand Labor’s policy or he deliberately misrepresents it. Either way it is highly embarrasing for a senior member of the Bar and one who is a QC. No winder no-one will brief him!

  3. Paul Sofronoff

    Could Crikey please just include a link to a web page for all of Peter Faris’ future articles, rather than the article itself. It would save me (and many others) the tiring effort of scrolling past to get to the next article.

  4. MichaelT

    Phew! I thought a QC would know better than to rush to judgement like this.

    First, 14 people falls far, far short of the thousands that try and get into European countries after a major humanitarian crisis. Maybe we will experience a huge increase, but this is mere speculation, based on prejudice.

    Second, none of us should be jumping to conclusions about tge status of a group of people in the total absence of any facts about their individual circumstances.

    Sheer alarmism.

  5. pamela

    Some folks need to personalise asituation in order to understand it. Let me ask you Peter Faris, what would you do in these circumstances?
    You are not lucky enough to live in Australia. You have strong opinions which you express in writing and publicly. Your opinions cause ire among the political elite who deal with dissent by
    1. bombing your house
    2. kidnapping you or your sons
    3. assassination
    4. torturing then murdering you.
    You hear that one of these is being considered for you.
    You hear of someone who can arrange to get you out. You or your family pay this person and off you go to an unknown destination to seek asylum.
    The alternative is you stay and die.
    What would you do?

  6. David M

    Great…..let them in….wait 5 years ….for them to decide to bomb the MCG!!

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