Vale Rob Guest. Australia lost one of its musical theatre stars this week with the death of Rob Guest. He was starring as the Wizard of Oz in Wicked, but was also loved for his role as the Phantom of the Opera in the 90s.  — Defamer

Sharon Stone denies she wanted to Botox her son. Sharon Stone is all sorts of crazy. I think that’s safely been established – long before the nutball was cited in legal documents as wanting her 8-year-old son Roan to get Botox injections in his feet to stop them for sweating. To Stone, this was the logical first step – before telling the kid to put on socks or trying a foot deodorant (which her ex-husband Phil Bronstein luckily did, and managed to solve the problem in a non-crazy way).– Celebitchy

Dear Catherine Zeta Jones, your makeup artist screwed you over. Catherine Zeta-Jones showed up to the Global Leadership Awards Gala in NYC last night looking like she put on her own make-up using a jumbo piece of sandpaper. All that bronze caca on her mug makes it look like we can go rock climbing on her face. — DListed

Australian woman plans on smoking Kurt Cobain’s ashes. Wonderful news, proud patriotic Australians! Yet another expat is kicking some important goals overseas. In this case, it’s artist Natascha Stellmach, who is apparently planning on smoking the ashes of Kurt Cobain in a joint to cap off a successful exhibition. — Defamer