The Press Association asserts that both candidates played it safe in the VP debate. As a result, neither gained significant advantage but early polls indicate a victory to Senator Biden.

The Press Association report on the initial reactions to the VP debate:

“America’s two vice presidential nominees have targeted their rivals at the top of the ticket as both avoided making any significant mistakes in their only head-to-head debate of the 2008 election.

Republican Sarah Palin said Barack Obama’s Iraq policy would raise “a white flag of surrender in Iraq,” while her Democratic rival Joe Biden linked John McCain with the unpopular presidency of George Bush.

Initial reactions from US political pundits showed both performed well, but while Mrs Palin regained some of her credibility, Mr Biden ultimately came out on top.

A CNN poll found 51% of viewers thought Mr Biden performed better in the debate, compared with 36% for Mrs Palin.”

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