The world ended on Monday night when Wall Street crashed and burned, but you wouldn’t know it from reading the Tuesday’s morning papers.

Just to recap, the US House of Representatives had done the unthinkable and actually rejected Bush’s proposed $700 billion bail out bill, sending Wall Street plummeting. Words like “the” and “great” and “depression” were being bandied around.

If ever there was a moment to yell “stop the presses!” this was it. Whatever happened to 3am editions and a sense of newsy urgency? Somebody forget to tell, oh, every Australian newspaper.

No bail outs, just babies:

Sure, the US timezones are especially inconvenient for those news outlets attempting to bring fresh, updated, to-the-minute news stories printed out on dead trees and thrown across the lawn by your local paper boy, but the future of the newspaper looked even dimmer by midweek with the news of Rob Guest’s passing.

Guest passed away overnight on Wednesday. If only someone had told The Age: