So when did you start using Google? To celebrate its 10th birthday, search engine Google has released a version of one of its earliest versions of Google, so you can search the internet circa 2001. Good fun – and check out how dated their logo seems! — Google

How the west was wired. Two idealistic Taiwanese businessmen happened into the most rural part of China and thought: Let’s bring it from the 15th century to the 21st. — The Atlantic 

The elite newspaper of the future. A smaller, less frequently published version packed with analysis and investigative reporting and aimed at well-educated news junkies that may well be a smart survival strategy for the beleaguered old print product. — American Journalism Review

I’m a PC, and I’m Worried About My Image. Microsoft’s $300 million campaign to prove Windows isn’t lame: Bill Gates hates Apple’s “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” ads. He argues that they exaggerate the difficulties of using Windows and, worse, that they’re mean-spirited.the company’s much-discussed new $300 million marketing campaign follows his critique of the Apple ads, with its core message: Hey, Apple, who are you calling square? — Slate