I love this carbon emissions debate. For the first time ever, it is not good enough for the Left to simply whine in Crikey about something — they must come up with answers. They now have a Socialist government in Canberra which has accepted the global warming fraud and desperately wants to do something about it.

Furthermore, Rudd himself wants to use this issue as his platform to establish himself as a world figure and eventually lever himself into the UN Secretary-General ‘s job.

All systems are go, yet the Left cannot agree on what should be done. The divergence of opinion is enormous and the bile and invective usually spread on targets such as George Bush (and me!) are now being sprayed on their Comrades.

See how power works in this country.

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I am in a no-lose position. Regardless of whether there is global warming, whether it is caused by man-made emissions, the truth is that nothing can or will be done about it.

The issue has already been decided. There is no possibility whatever that the major polluters (China, India and US) will curb their pollution and there is certainly no way they can be forced to do so. The UN is helpless. We all know this. Accordingly, Australia, with its pathetic 1% contribution to carbon emissions can do nothing other than to lead by example.

Okay, Okay – let’s do the bu-sh-t tokenism. Who really cares? I know that I will be happy with whatever Rudd decides for two reasons.

One, despite all the huff and puff, he will not blow the economy down on this issue. Second, and most delicious of all, the Left in general and the Greens in particular will hate any decision that he makes.

Rudd will be to global warming as Bush is to Iraq. In one fell swoop, Rudd will destroy the Great Barrier Reef, flood coastal Australia, drown the Pacific Islands and their populations and make the polar bears extinct. I love it. Bring it on.

See how power works in this country.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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