The eagerly anticipated debate between vice presidential hopefuls Sarah Palin and Joe Biden takes place tomorrow. We present everything you need to know including videos and biographies of the candidates.

A wrap of commentary previewing the debate:

Governor Sarah Palin

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  • Concerns about Palin’s readiness as big test nears — New York Times
  • Palin gets ready for eagerly awaited debate with Biden — Washington Post
  • Sarah Palin’s media training: what the governor should do next time she’s in the hot seat — Slate
  • The poetry of Sarah Palin: recent works by the Republican Vice Presidential candidate — Slate
  • The Sarah Palin pity party — Salon

VIDEO: Sarah Palin’s had some horror interviews recently (here’s Crikey’s roundup of coverage and commentary of her interview with CBS’ Katie Couric) but today The Huffington Post published a video they’d made of some of her gubernatorial debating moments from the Alaskan election and asked, Is Sarah Palin a better debator than you think?

INTRODUCING SARAH PALIN: It was only a few weeks ago that Sarah Palin was John McCain’s surprise VP pick – here’s a wrap Crikey put together introducing the relatively unknown Alaskan governor and previewing her speech to the Republican National Convention.

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Senator Joe Biden

He’s old, he’s mates with McCain, he gaffs to the royal standards of Prince Phillip and he’s the son of a used car salesman — but could Joe Biden be the antidote to an inexperienced Alaskan governor?

Biden’s debate previewed: A wrap of commentary previewing what we can expect from Biden in the debate

VIDEO: The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart interviews Joe Biden

INTRODUCING JOE BIDEN: Here’s a wrap Crikey put together introducing the Senator from Delaware.

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