The book of my enemy has been remaindered. two important things about Clive James’ new book of poetry: it is often genuinely funny — a hard trick to manage — and it begins with a poem that is possibly the best and most amusing piece of writing ever devoted to the subject of schadenfreude. That poem is “The Book of My Enemy Has Been Remaindered” — The New York Times

Bill Henson: David Marr. Seems there’s a beat-up at the SMH in anticipation of the launch of David Marr’s new book: The Henson Case. In this advertisement for next weekend’s Good Weekend the SMH pix editors parody their own self-censorship, brought on themselves by the Bill Henson controversy of a few months ago. — Art Wranglers

Boom-Bust-Boom Town. New Yorkers have pretty much always felt elegiac about the transformation of their city, with alarmist peaks every half-century or so. (And given that we’re now approaching the half-century anniversary of the alarming start of the last prolonged New York’s–going–to–hell era, our present Wall Street horror show looks uncomfortably familiar. — New York Magazine

Spin doesn’t belong in the news. It’s like putting motor oil in the mojito. We have tremendous respect for journalists, but who would argue that the media circus isn’t out of control? Now there’s a website and software tool that exposes news spin and bias, misuse of sources, and suspect factual support. — Spinspotter