The Winners. Monday and already it’s Seven’s night and week: a dozen programs with a million or more viewers. A leak has developed in the good ship Idol as viewers ebb away from its Monday night edition. Ten actually finished fourth last night. City Homicide was tops with 1.670 million viewers for Seven at 8.30pm, The Force averaged 1.627 million at 8pm for Seven and Seven News was third with 1.581 million at 6pm. Then came Border Security at 7.30 pm with 1.481 million (down a bit from recent highs); Today Tonight at 6.30pm with 1.443 million and Home And Away won the 7pm slot for Seven with 1.257 million in 6th spot. The fresh episode of Two And A Half Men at 7.30pm averaged 1.198 million and the 7pm repeat averaged 1.193 million. ABC News was 8th with 1.173 million, Seven’s 9.30 pm program, Bones averaged 1.159 million and Nine News was 11th with 1.144 million people. A Current Affair was 12th with 1.140 million. Top Gear averaged 933,000 for the first local edition; Australian Idol at 7.30pm on Ten, 893,000. Viewers don’t seem to want the verdict. Til Death at 8pm on Nine, 888,000. Enough Rope at 9.35pm, 820,000. Ten didn’t have a program above a million viewers last night!

The Losers. 90210 on Ten at 8.30pm: 616,000. Needs to be Taken Out (Gone). Til Death on Nine at 8pm, 848,000. Everybody might have loved Raymond, but his brother was a pain in that series and can’t carry this one. It makes Two And A Half Men look charming! Burn Notice on Ten at 9.30pm, 438,000. How low will it go before Ten acts?

News & CA. Seven News again won nationally and in every market. Today Tonight won everywhere but Brisbane. ABC News had more viewers in Sydney again than Nine News did at 6pm: 325,000 vs. 322,000. And it had more in Melbourne, 345,000 vs. 319,000. Still hard to believe. Ten News averaged 843,000. The Late News/Sports Tonight, a low 207,000 thanks to the rubbish in front of it. The 7.30 Report, 778,000, depressed as usual by Top Gear on SBS. SBS News at 6.30pm, 265,000, the Late News at 9.30 pm, 133,000. Sunrise on Seven, 346,000, Today, 268,000 (Holidays in NSW).

The Stats. Seven won the night easily in all demos. Its All People 6pm to midnight share was 33.2% (30.6% for Brownlow Monday on Ten last week). Nine finished with 25.0% (20.1%), the ABC was third with 17.6% (14.3%), Ten was 4th with 15.5% (27.3%) and SBS was on 8.7% (7.8%). Seven won all five metro markets and leads the week, 28.9% to 25.2% for Nine. In regional areas a win top Prime/7Qld with 32.3% from WIN/NBN with 25.3%, the ABC with 17.6%, Ten with 15.6% for Southern Cross and SBS with 9.2%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments. A one horse race as Seven wins easily, Nine struggles with a makeshift line up and Ten is whacked into fourth by a nasty loss of viewers, especially from Idol.

And that’s a bit of a mystery. Andrew G and James Mathieson are well past their use by dates as hosts, but the Idolettes are all solid performers and above last year’s standard. The judging panel is flat as well and Marcia Hines is a dead weight, but the program looks and sounds more lively than a year ago.

Top Gear was successfully Australianised last night with a solid opening audience for the local version. Don’t know about the hosts. Okay, not annoying, nor the must watches on first impressions like the UK hosts were (Is that a case of familiarity?). Charlie Cox, the lead host actually resembles James May at times and not Clarkson.

City Homicide has the benefit of being fresh, there being no Brownlow Medal on Ten. Andrew Denton did well with Nigella Lawson who is more than just a foodie. Her life hasn’t been as easy as it seems from a lot of her publicity.

Tonight, Animal Rescue, Find My Family, Packed To The Rafters and All Saints will do it for Seven. Nine has Wipeout at 7.30pm, three episodes of Two And A half Men, 20 to 1 at 9.30pm and then Survivor Micronesia, which has been run and won in the US. Ten has a fresh NCIS, three episodes of The Simpsons and Rush. The ABC has Two In The Top End, the repeat of Life at 1 and The 7.30 Report, which will do more on the financial crisis than you will see on Nine and Seven in a week! SBS’s Insight has an hour on the very topical subject of American Dream.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports.