Politico reports that some Republicans are blaming off-the-cuff comments by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the failure of the bailout bill.

“Even as the wreckage of the Wall Street bailout bill was still smoldering on the House floor Monday, Republicans held a news conference in which they blamed “partisan” remarks by the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for scuttling the bill.

“But anyone who looked at the transcript of Pelosi’s speech released by her office might have been puzzled by the complaints.

“The transcript seemed relatively tame — with only relatively mild shots at the Republicans in the text.

“But a review of the video of Pelosi’s comments shows the speaker deviated substantially from her prepared remarks when she stepped into the well of the House at about 12:20 p.m. Monday afternoon – delivering a series of ad-libbed jabs at President Bush and his party.”

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