Perry lands his own program. With an acid tongue, a successful fashion label and a four year stint on Australia’s Next Top Model, it’s strange Alex Perry didn’t score his own television show ages ago. But Sydney’s king of red carpet couture is set for his close-up, after inking a deal to host his own program on Foxtel. — News

Give me back nude Monroe. A photographer is suing two others to force the return of seven nude and seminude pictures of Marilyn Monroe he says were stolen from him. Bert Stern says the photos, taken on assignment for Vogue magazine in July 1962, are worth more than $100,000 each. He says they were in a series of “unique and irreplaceable images” of the movie star taken at Los Angeles’ Bel Air Hotel six weeks before she was found dead from an overdose of drugs. That series was called “The Last Sitting.” — AOL Celebrity

Depp tied down to Disney. Don’t expect Johnny Depp to return your phone calls anytime soon, because he’s going to be tied up for a while. And not tied up in the way you’ve fantasized about over and over again. The pimps at Disney have announced that Johnny will star in 3 films for them. Depp is officially a Disney whore! He’s also the only Disney whore I want to see half-naked on MySpace. Johnny is currently shooting Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” for Tim Burton. He plays the Mad Hatter opposite Mia Wasikowska as Alice and Matt Lucas as Tweedledee/Tweedledum. The film will combine performance-capture imagery with live-action shit. Tim is also shooting it in 3-D. — D-Listed

Michael Douglas quizzed on economy. Aging movie star Michael Douglas fielded questions yesterday about the current economic crisis facing America. Apparently, playing Gordon Gekko in Wall Street over two decades ago makes him a financial expert. Wow, way to hit a home run, mainstream media. For a minute there, I was almost worried people might not think we’re a nation of total idiots. — The Superficial

Busta arrested before charity gig. Hip-hop star Busta Rhymes was denied entry to the UK on his way to a charity concert today because of his criminal convictions in the US.  Rhymes was held at London City airport for 11 hours. Tonight a high court judge ordered the rapper’s immediate release, ruling that it was arguable that his detention was unlawful. He was given bail to stay overnight at his hotel before a further hearing today to determine whether he can play at the Orange RockCorps gig at the Royal Albert Hall – a free concert for 5,000 charity volunteers that he is headlining. — The Guardian

Katie bumped for Anne. Move over Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise has another woman in his life – his sister Lee Anne Devette. After taking a professional break, Lee Anne is back as Tom’s publicist. Sources say that Tom just wants someone he can trust while Katie’s focus is firmly set on her performance in All My Sons and his big sis’ fits the bill.A source tells OK!, “Lee Anne is running Tom’s life. She is back in his business meetings and playing a very influential role in his every decision.” — Entertainmenwise