The Last Tour: A Decorated Marine’s War Within: Driving east along the South Rim past a spot called Twin Overlooks, Travis made a hard left and drove his car, a Toyota Corolla with Virginia plates, straight toward the edge of the canyon. Travis, thirty-six was a decorated combat veteran with one tour of duty in Afghanistan and four tours in Iraq. — The New Yorker

Whats in a number: How the press got the idea that food travels 1500 miles from farm to plate. In May, chef Dan Barber noted on the New York Times op-ed page that $4 per gallon diesel fuel means “it’s no longer efficient to transport food 1,500 miles from where it’s grown.”Not since Newsweek announced that a woman had a better chance of getting killed by a terrorist than getting married after 40 has a statistic been embraced so enthusiastically. There’s just one problem. It’s only sort of true. — Slate

Voices from Pakistan, the most dangerous nation on earth. It’s difficult to convince people that there is another side to the place that has been called, “the most dangerous nation on earth.” To those with first hand knowledge, the reality on the ground is in sharp contrast to the image the media presents. — 3QuarksDaily

24 Hours in Pictures. The Guardian presents a selection of images from around the world, giving a snapshot of the world on that day. The Guardian