The Winners. Seven News was tops with 1.590 million people, followed by a fresh (apparently) episode of Two and a Half Men at 8pm with 1.548 million viewers and the 7.30pm fresh episode (apparently) with 1.449 million. On Seven Today Tonight was 4th with 1.431 million, Medical Emergency next with 1.398 million, Criminal Minds averaged 1.320 million and Crash Investigation Unit was 7th with 1.297 million. The nightly repeat of Two and a Half Men at 7pm averaged 1.257 million and Home And Away was next with 1.241 million for Seven in the same slot. The ABC’s Spicks and Specks at 8.30pm averaged 1.227 million, with ABC News next with 1.148 million in 11th. 12th was Nine News with 1.140 million and A Current Affair was next with 1.105 million. Ten’s fresh episode of House at 8.30pm surprised by only attracting an average 914,000 viewers. Not real good. The Hollowmen averaged 906,000 for the ABC at 9 pm.

The Losers. Taken Out on Ten 416,000 at 6pm. Don’t worry it won’t be bothering us for much longer, Bondi Rescue Bali 675,000, Kenny’s World at 8pm, 754,000. Shane Jacobsen is charming but how many dunnies do we really want to see? Kitchen Nightmares USA on Nine at 9.30pm, 712,000, Fringe at 8.30 pm, 899,000. Life on Ten at 9.30 pm, 740,000. All missing in action or DOB (Dead On Broadcast).

News & CA. Seven News again won nationally and in every market. Today Tonight won everywhere bar Brisbane. The ABC News in Sydney and Melbourne had more viewers than Nine News. Ten News averaged 790,000 and the late News/Sports Tonight averaged 392,000. The 7.30 Report, 864,000. Lateline, 286,000, Lateline Business, 162,000. SBS News at 6.30pm 153,000, Dateline, 199,000. The 9.30pm SBS News, 198,000. Sunrise, 374,000, Today, 277,000.

The Stats. Seven won 6pm to midnight All People 31.4% (29.3%) from Nine with 27.1% (25.5%), The ABC with 19.0% (20.2%) Ten with 18.4% (21.0%) and SBS steady on 4.1%. Seven won all five metro markets and leads the week 29.9% to 24.9% for Nine.

Glenn Dyer’s comments. A competitive night with reasonable choice for viewers, although Nine’s 8.30pm to 10.30pm offerings are weak. Hole In The Wall became another casualty for Nine in the back half of the year. It was scheduled for 8pm but wasn’t there. Nine resorted to a fresh episode of Two and a Half Men in its place and both episodes from 7.30pm to 8.30pm rated very well: 200,000 to 3000,000 more than the repeat at 7pm. It’s a mark of Nine’s desperation that this happened. The Hollowmen was a bit more convincing last night. Bondi Rescue Bali and Kenny’s World both died on Ten last night.

Tonight: it’s the AFL Footy Show Grand Final special for the desperates down south. Will Eddie make a guest showing? Before that it’s The Strip, down again. Will Q&A on the ABC at 9.30pm outrate the NRL Footy Show in Sydney? Q&A has Malcolm Turnbull by himself, unplugged sort of. Getaway on Nine at 7.30pm names its ”Country of The year”. Is it true Borat has been sighted at Nine’s Sydney studios? Seven has Supermodel at 7.30pm and then two hours of Ghost Whisperer (why not a repeat of City Homicide here as well?). Ten has Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader at 7.30pm and lots of Law And Order with various initials.

And finally a betting market on who will get the Today Tonight hosts gig next year now that Anna Coren is off overseas. The early contenders are: Matt White, Melissa Doyle (who is unhappy at Sunrise) and Samantha Amytage. Matt White is the early favourite, especially if Nine switches to Karl Stefanovic next year, or perhaps Sam Armytage. Other starters welcomed. Andrew O’Keefe has been mentioned, but he’s too valuable to Seven doing what he does now.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports.