The changed abortion laws in Victoria have ignited a debate about the role Catholic hospitals will play in the provision of abortion services – or referrals.

Denis Hart Would Rather Shut Down An Entire Hospital Than Have It Perform One Abortion. It’s no surprise to hear that Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart has thrown his two cents in. What might be a surprise, however, is to hear the extent to which Hart will oppose abortion’s decriminalisation in Victoria – to wit, shutting down entire hospitals, if law reform makes providing either abortions or referrals for them (i.e. from medical practitioners and hospitals) mandatory. — The Dawn Chorus

“Pro-life” Archbishop Hart’s murderous misogyny. Archbishop Hart is throwing a tantrum because he wants Catholic hospitals to reserve the right to let you die – even when there are doctors and nurses by your bedside who could save your life. Archbishop Hart would like those doctors and nurses to stand by, perhaps holding your hand and praying for you, as you breathe your last gasp. If it’s not an immediate emergency but you’re still going to die without an abortion, Hart wants the hospital to be able to refuse to refer you to someone who will help you live. If you can’t figure out what you need and walk out of the hospital on a self-discharge to seek help, he wants the right to detain you while you expire. Hart’s idea of “medical care” for dying women seems to be calling a chaplain as they beg for help. The answer? We need this law passed, across the country and not just in Victoria. We need it to be enforced. — Hoyden about Town

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State imposed murder. If you are looking for a bishop with backbone in Melbourne, than you wouldn’t look to the girlie-man Melbourne Anglicans. It takes Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart to state the obvious about the new Victorian abortion laws. — Dogfight at Bankstown

Pro-death Archbishops. What I’d like to know is what the actual medical practice in Catholic hospitals around Australia. Does the Archbishop’s hardline position (which, as I understand it, is in line with the Catholic Church’s official position) actually get followed in Australian hospitals? — Larvatus Prodeo

God, forgive me. Why on earth would a practitioner who feels so strongly about their religion they’d be willing to watch a woman die when they could save her be working in a field where that exact scenario comes up? Get out of Obstetrics, Catholic Medico, and into something where you don’t have to risk peoples lives to follow your religion. — This is my truth, tell me yours


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