A student friend of mine boarded a Hurstbridge line train yesterday heading into the city on a carriage that was empty except for former Victorian ALP minister Andre Haermeyer.

Seeing that Haermeyer was on his mobile my friend decided to sit nearby and eavesdrop on the conversation.

Haermeyer was discussing changes to the Victorian ALP frontbench in an upcoming shuffle in which Peter Bachelor (Minister for Energy and Resources and Community Development and Leader of the Government in the Legislative Assembly) and Theo Theophanous (Minister for Industry and Trade, Information Technology and Major Projects) would be dumped.

Someone named Pratt (Ed: Surely not Roads and Ports Minister Tim Pallas?) was also mentioned. Haermeyer repeated several times that “Brumby doesn’t want them” and that an upcoming change to the frontbench would be leaked to the press to create acceptance and anticipation of any changes.

Pretending to be on his phone, my friend also took some happy snaps (see below).

Great to see Victorian ALP figures using public transport, however, not such a great idea to discuss sensitive party-political information in public!