The Winners: Seven’s Border Security was number one at 7.30pm with 1.713 million and The Force was next with 1.574 million at 8pm. Seven News was third with 1.567 million and City Homicide was 4th with an average of 1.506 million (down because of the Brownlow in Melbourne in particular). Today Tonight was 5th with 1.493 million and Nine News was solid with 1.493 million people. Home and Away won the 7pm slot for Seven with 1.300 million and A Current Affair was 8th with 1.283 million. Nine’s Two and a Half Men repeat averaged 1.239 million at 7pm and 10th was the Australian Idol verdict episode with 1.139 million people from 7.30pm. Bones at 9.30pm averaged 1.095 million viewers, the Brownlow telecast, 1.084 million (8,000 in Sydney after 1am!). And the 7pm ABC News was 13th with 1.081 million. Nine’s Life of Animals averaged 969,000 at 7.30pm. Top Gear on SBS, 939,000, Enough Rope at 9.35pm on the ABC, 672,000, Australian Story, 717,000 — the Della Neals didn’t rate.

The Losers: The Brownlow on Ten made it a bit unfair to pick losers. Nine’s movie Poseidon regardless.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market but Melbourne as did Today Tonight. The 7.30 Report averaged 723,000 (thanks Top Gear!). Four Corners, 749,000, Media Watch, 681,000. Lateline, 282,000, Lateline Business, 137,000. Ten News, 855,000, the late News/Sports Tonight, 358,000. SBS News at 6.30pm, 210,000, the 9.30pm edition, 137,000. 7am Sunrise, 375,000, 7am Today, 288,000.

The Stats: Seven won 6pm to midnight All People with 30.6% (34.6%) from Ten with 27.3% (16.8%), Nine with 20.1% (22.4%), the ABC with 14.3% (18.2%) and SBS with 7.8% (8.0%). Ten won Melbourne with a 40.6% share and 783,000 watching the Brownlow. Seven won Adelaide and Perth, the Brownlow wasn’t as interesting. Seven leads the week 26.8% from Ten with 26.0% and Nine with 22.8%. in regional areas Seven won with 31.6% share for Prime/7Qld with WIN/NBN on 23.1%, Southern Cross (Ten) with 21.7%, the ABC on 14.6% and SBS with 7.9%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Seven won with its usual strong line up and Nine was cannon fodder and is third in the week’s competition (but will come home Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights). The Brownlow Medal night did very well in Melbourne for Ten, more than okay in Adelaide and Perth. Sydney and Brisbane AFL fans were treated as jokes, getting the Brownlow at 1am or later. Ten doesn’t seem to be doing anything to help the AFL’s push into Sydney and the Gold Coast there. From a TV point of view the Brownlow was interesting, but a diversion, as will be Saturday’s Grand Final broadcast by Seven.

Top Gear was verging on the sexist, but was lightened by some irony. Irony was lacking in the Australian Story story on the Della Bosca/Neal relationship — I would have thought as politicians and powerful people, they had ample room to defend and protect themselves. With just 717,000 people watching, viewers voted with their remotes. Who cares what privileged political hacks say or moan about? Apart from that, it was Seven’s night.

Tonight is Seven’s as well with Packed To The Rafters, Animal Rescue and All Saints. Nine has Wipeout and 90 minutes of Two and a Half Men. Ten has lots of the Simpsons, a repeat of NCIS and Rush, which needs a good clean out to rescue the solid idea contained within the poorly executed series. But it is not as bad as The Strip. The ABC, Life at 1 (for parents and would be parents, others avoid, the kids sound too smart for us). Two In the Top End at 8pm.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports