According to the Riot Act, ACT opposition leader Zed Seselja ripped off a speech from the West Wing in his leaders’ debate speech at the National Press Club last week. The full quote from the Riot Act poster:

Anyway, Zed’s rousing finish to his speech about education seemed very familiar. I’d forgotten about it until I saw a mention about it on page seven of the tonight at the food court. It was a word for word rip off from The West Wing! I knew I’d heard it before! For those keen West Wing-ers like myself, it is that episode in Season Four where a bomb goes off at a uni and the President has to address a group of teachers right after. He has a stirring bit: “We’re not doing nearly enough, not nearly enough to teach our children well. And we can do better and we must do better, and we will do better. And we will start this moment today!” And Zed ripped it off! For his own speech about education! From a fictional Democrat! How completely lame.

She might not have planned it that way but Queensland MP Rosa Lee Long has received support from an unexpected quarter. Her suggestion to bring back the cane, as a “short sharp” punishment in Queensland schools has received endorsement from the leather-clad Dominas at Sydneys top dungeon The Kastle in Chippendale. The Kastles home page has a link to the Daily Telegraph’s story of September 16th in which Queenslands sole One Nation parliamentarian claims her idea has received a lot of support. Meanwhile the Mistresses are hoping that a new generation of naughty (adult) schoolboys will be produced, all eager to relive their adolescent canings at the hands of Mistress in the dungeon.

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Which stroganoff was the MP complaining about? Warning: adult concepts.

There are already rumbles among the rank and file of the ALP in WA about the appointment of Roger Cook as Deputy Leader. Disgruntled branch members in Cook’s seat are wondering why a former metal workers factional hack turned corporate lobbyist, with no parliamentary or public office experience, who was almost beaten in a safe Labor seat following a massive swing to popular local mayor Carol Adams was handed the position.

BankWest have either genuinely forgotten to update their website, neglected to keep pace with recent events or are simply in denial:

I was interested to see Crikey rushing to the defence of Macquarie Group. Honestly Stephen Mayne looked like a 65 year old groupie throwing his underpants at Tom Jones — have some pride Mayne, I know it is a foreign concept to you! But that is beside the point. At the end of the financial year I submitted a redemption on a Macquarie fund — it is now Sept 22 and Macquarie expect to have my funds sometime in mid-October so around 15 weeks to redeem from a supposedly liquid institution that has not frozen any redemptions on any funds… my a–s! If Macquarie are so short of cash that one of their poorly performing funds can not stump up my miserly investment less fees and charges… than I fear for the “big end of town” when this thing goes t-ts up — that the government has turned into a Macquarie spruiker is a disgrace and I am sure their union buddies will be pleased to see more Australian jobs outsourced to Mumbai as Macquarie looks to increase returns to the bonus pool…

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