ACNielsen: 52-48; Newspoll: 55-45. The latest monthly ACNielsen poll has produced an encouraging debut performance for new Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull, with the Coalition leading Labor on the primary vote 42 per cent to 41 per cent.– The Poll Bludger

Turnbull poll bounce? ACNielsen 52-48, Newspoll 55-45. My reading of all this would suggest that Rudd’s “popularity” is not all that important, and conversely Turnbull – by looking plausible – may be restoring the Liberal vote to something like what the party itself should be garnering (though there’s more evidence for that from the ACNielsen poll than from Newspoll). — Kim, Larvatus Prodeo

Messiah Mal. So if an election were held now, Malcolm Turnbull would absolutely thrash Brendan Nelson. — Tim Dunlop, Blogocracy

Turnbull puts life into Dennis Shanahan. Todays’ P1 banner “Turnbull puts life into the Libs” is a cracker, based on polling that shows an 8% pump for Malcolm over Nelson’s sorry preferred PM figure. But read the story, stunning… It’s not until the seventh paragraph that we learn that despite this romping return to form “the primary vote did not change outside the margin of error”. —  Jonathan Green