Cloning Animals For Food. In January 2008, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the sale of cloned animals and their offspring for food, despite fierce opposition from animal welfare and consumer advocacy groups, environmental organizations, some members of Congress, and many consumers. — The Good Human

Why second place matters, when it comes to Arctic Sea ice. The headlines all note that this is the second-greatest melt ever witnessed in the Arctic — 860,000 square miles more ice melted than has in an average summer. — The Daily Green 

Crude calms during financial storm. With Hurricane Ike menacing oil production facilities along the Gulf Coast and Nigerian rebels waging war on Royal Dutch Shell in protest of its control of the country’s oil supply, the costly commodity has been in the cross-hairs–though you’d never know it by the price. Futures slid below $100 a barrel on Monday, dipping to lows not seen since February.– Forbes

Lehman Bros: The Environmental Connection. The demise of Lehman Bros will be mourned perhaps most by the environmental movement. The bank was, like Enron, a big booster of carbon pricing and its recommendations on the subject had begun to be adopted by governments around the world. Its MD, Theodore Roosevelt IV, sits on the board of a vast number of environmental groups, including Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection (and I understand Lehman Bros was the banker for Al Gore’s trading firm GIM). — National Review Online