The same day that Alaska held a “Welcome home” rally for Governor Sarah Palin, a group of Anti-Palin supporters held the “Alaska Women Reject Palin” rally.  According to blogger Mudflats, who attended both the official Palin rally and the protest, the anti-Palin rally attracted many more people:

“Never, have I seen anything like it in my 17 and a half years living in Anchorage. The organizers had someone walk the rally with a counter, and they clicked off well over 1400 people (not including the 90 counter-demonstrators). This was the biggest political rally ever, in the history of the state. I was absolutely stunned.”

The protesters were at the receiving end of some attacks by conservative Anchorage radio talk show host Eddie Burke.

“Turns out that Eddie Burke not only announced the rally, but called the people who planned to attend the rally “a bunch of socialist baby-killing maggots”, and read the home phone numbers of the organizers aloud over the air, urging listeners to call and tell them what they thought. The women, of course, received many nasty, harassing and threatening messages.”

The Mudflats blog also contains photos and video from the anti-Palin rally. Read the full post here.