The New York Sun reports the McCain camp has announced that Sarah Palin is “unlikely to co-operate” with the investigation into the Alaskan Governor’s firing of her public safety commissioner.

McCain spokesman, Ed O’Callaghan, initially said Palin would not testify as part of the probe “as long as it remains tainted.” The Sun reported  that he later clarified his statement to say Mr. Palin is “unlikely to cooperate” with the inquiry.

“Mr. O’Callaghan also said he did not know whether Mr. Palin’s husband, Todd, would challenge a subpoena issued last Friday to compel his cooperation. The Palins’ lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, who has accepted service of the subpoena, did not return messages seeking comment. The governor herself has not been subpoenaed, but the Legislature’s investigator, Steve Branchflower, has said he hopes to speak with her.”

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