RealClearPolitics reports that the Obama campaign and Democratic National Committee has filed a federal court lawsuit alleging that “the Michigan Republican Party is engaging an illegal effort to disenfranchise voters.”

“Speaking to reporters on a conference call, Obama general counsel Bob Bauer said they filed the injunction after evidence surfaced that the Michigan GOP planned to use home foreclosure lists to keep voters still using the address of their foreclosed home from voting. Such voters could be challenged at voting precincts and forced to answer questions or risk being denied voting rights.

“Bauer referred to the practice as “caging,” which he said had been “standard operating procedure” in the GOP for the last three decades. “It is an absolute attack on the right to vote,” Bauer said. “The challenge activity that the Republicans would engage in using these foreclosure lists would have a deadly effect on the voting process.” One in 285 homes in Macomb County are in foreclosure, Bauer said.”

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